Strategic Alignment: The Key to Project Success

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  1. Start with Strategy
  2. Does your company have a strategy? It's surprising how many companies don't have a strategy, or do have one but don't communicate it. Start with your company's vision and strategy—create it, print it, review it and use this as the basis for alignment.

  3. Align Projects to Strategy
  4. Review your current list of initiatives and projects. Map all your initiatives and projects to your strategy. Choose the top 3 or 4 initiatives that align most closely with key elements of your strategy. Which initiatives and projects are going to make your company successful? Projects that don't align to your strategy are wasting precious resources.

  5. Focus Top Talent on Vital Few Projects
  6. Focus your attention and top talent on these vital projects that can help you deliver the future capabilities and success of your company. Cancel or postpone all projects that don't align. Sponsor and support these key projects, clearing all roadblocks to help them succeed.

  7. Execute Plan for Profits
  8. Now execute the projects in your strategy-aligned plan. Make sure the plan defines all resource requirements, including any outside resources, with the right capabilities. Apply the right processes and technology to deliver projects quickly and efficiently, with most critical features up front. Don't let them drag on. Executing this plan with a laser focus will enable you to deliver critical projects faster, with less costs, so you can optimize the benefits and deliver your goals and profits.

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