“He did a fantastic job. In three and a half hours he not only familiarized our people with the psychology of change, but also walked them through how the proposed changes for next year will impact them and our clients.”

Christine Herb, VP Professional Services

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“We saw value starting the next day [...] Within a week, I was able to take a subset of our leadership through his prioritization process and we were able to drive significant clarity into our portfolio, even postponing projects that did not squarely align with our strategic goals.”

Kristi Earhart, Acquisitions and HR Project Management
Holiday Retirement

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“Twelve months later we were still referring to many of the outcomes to continue to channel behavior in a positive manner. This 90-minute presentation changed how we do projects in a very positive way.”

Steve Hufford, Enterprise Architect
Portland General Electric

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Sunday, 30 May 2010 00:00

Outsourcing for Project Managers Workshop

Almost every project has some form of outsourcing. It may be bringing in a contract laborer, a programming team, or someone to build the entire product. The reasons are varied and include staff augmentation, acquiring a specific talent, risk mitigation and more! Regardless of the situation, project managers need to understand the outsourcing process from all angles to ensure each party gets value from the partnership. Creating the correct business agreement is crucial to attaining the best results for your project.

This class is a combination of interactive lecture and in-class labs where you will explore contracts and conflict resolution and negotiation in relation to outsourcing issues.

What you will cover:

  • The reasons for outsourcing
  • Types of outsourcing agreements
  • Choosing vendors and common issues
  • Contract sections, term, and their meanings
  • Understanding contracts from the customer and supplier standpoint
  • The contract versus the statement of work
  • How to achieve a successful negotiation
  • How to manage the outsourced section of the project
  • Offshore Development
  • Tools to improve engagement

Following is a list of the school's currently offering this course:

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