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Services - Fixed Price and T&M

eCameron's Executive Consultant employees provide a variety of services on a list price, fixed price, or T&M basis. We can fit your risk tolerances and your pocket book. Our Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) offerings are all list price (published one price fits all). These are low cost and very effective. All our keynote and presentations are list price.

Our general services are either fixed-price bids or T&M depending on your desire on balancing scope, cost, and risk.

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eCameron has a variety of Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) offerings that will help your organization run projects better and avoid failures. These are low-cost, list-price offerings. They are products in that they have a predefined scope and are short direction services. They are services since they are customized for you and delivered by one of eCameron's executive consultants.

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eCameron's provides a full set of services to help you collect and connect the dots of your strategy to successfully implement your vision. From ensuring your initiatives are properly supported by the right projects, to ensuring your staff has the correct skills to run those projects, we help your company build a culture of execution excellence through a series of fixed-price and Time and Materials options.

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Subcontractor SOW and Contract Review

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Visualizing Change Session Photo

Prior to signing any contract or statement of work (SOW) it should be reviewed by your legal team. While legal experts understand legalities that will helpful in court, they are not delivery experts who can determine whether a SOW will provide you with the product that you anticipate, need, and desire. This review will analyze the scope, methodology, deliverables, and proposed cost to identify for areas that point to weaknesses in the ability to deliver or misalignment in intentions


  • Demystify the SOW.
  • Get more value from your subcontractor.
  • Minimize risk and vulnerability.

Project Health Check

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Visualizing Change Session Photo

Projects never go bad overnight. It takes time. They slowly drift away from the baseline. Maybe it is a change request that goes undocumented, or a series of tasks that run a little late, or an over-optimistic employee not realizing they are in trouble, or misinterpreted communication. They all add up over time and are very difficult to detect while in the heat of the delivery. It often takes an experienced outsider who is removed from the history and politics to see the issues and make the recommendations that will keep a project on track. The Project Health Check does just that—keeping your project healthy.


  • Independent and unbiased view of organization and project issues identified at their root causes.

Program/Project Launch

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A project's destiny is set very early, often before the project even starts. A properly run project launch is the first opportunity when all of the key project stakeholders are gathered and can identify and correct issues. Critical to the kickoff's and project's success is having the right stakeholders reviewing and agreeing to the project approach, risks, and mitigations.


  • Set up the project for the best chance of success.
  • Define the proper project approach through prototyping solutions.
  • Identify and vet major project risks.

Thriving on Change

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New plans require change. Change is difficult. Employees, contractors, vendors, and even customers need to change how they work to adapt to your new plans. What is in it for them? Attempting to implement new plans without reinforcing the goals, reasons, and benefits to each stakeholder will result in people reverting back to their old ways. To help people assimilate change and truly move forward, we provide a series of seminars and workshops that address improving change adoption. Our unique Visualizing Change workshops not only help you understand the problems at hand, but also teach you effective techniques for addressing the motivations of all parties involved, so that you will successfully implement lasting change.

For more information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Todd Williams or call us at 1.360.834.7361

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