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About eCameron

Mission, Vision, and Values

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Creating initiative ready companies


Ensure that every project delivers value to the company by:

Succinctly defining project scope to create projects that have achievable goals based on the organization’s capabilities.
Focusing the project team and organization on the required deliverable functionality.
Removing excess process to improve organization efficiency.
Providing objective data to enable rapid and effective decision-making.



We provide value in every interaction with every person.
We exhibit the highest degree of integrity with everyone we meet.
We communicate honestly and openly.
We enjoy working with each other.
We do not take on a job we are unqualified to perform.
We are satisfied with our jobs.
We grow professionally and personally.
We feel our job is fun.

Value proposition:

Focusing teams on projects that meet your company goals reducing 30% of initiative cost.
Reduce project scope to essential requirements saving 20-40% in project cost.
Maintain project focus reducing project execution time 10-25%
Removing excess process and increasing organization’s project capacity by 5-25%.
Quickly distill objective data to enable rapid and effective decision-making.
Reducing project cost 20-40% and shortening time 15-30% to market by controlling scope, maintaining focus, and implementing minimal process.


Why eCameron Exists

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Aligning Projects with Strategic GoalsWhether with employees, clients, or our client’s customers or vendors we have one goal—to do the right thing. We firmly believe that by analyzing any problem there are multiple paths to an equitable solution. Be it an issue in the strategy, with people, codified in process, or hidden in technology there is a constructive, often simple, solution that improves how you turn your vision into value.

The right thing, or the right solution, is not a contrived or forced solution. It conforms to the needs of all parties and does not unduly burden anyone. The result is executable and agreeable and leaves all parties knowing what they are accountable for.


Project Experience

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Pride in Successful Project Delivery

eCameron prides itself in having only the top rated consults. These professionals have "lived IT". Their combined experience is hundreds of years in a dozen countries working for industrial leaders. These companies include:

Acer Brooks Automation   CIMAC Compaq
Digital Equipment Corporation  Freightliner  Komatsu  Matsushita 
Standard Insurance Company  Tower Semiconductor  TSMC  WaferTech  Winbond

Following is an example of some of the duties performed at some of these organizations over the last ten years.


Visualize Your Future

Change how you do business.


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Recent and Upcoming Events

Conscious Software Development Telesummit: Interview
November 10, 2014(9:00 am) - November 21, 2014 (10:00 am)

Recent events
IPMA 2014 Executive Seminar
September 15, 2014(12:00 - noon) - September 17, 2014 (12:00 - noon)

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Suggested Books

Many of these books have reviews in the "Books to Read" section of this site.

Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products
by Jim Highsmith
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