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Why eCameron Exists

Aligning Projects with Strategic GoalsWhether with employees, clients, or our client’s customers or vendors we have one goal—to do the right thing. We firmly believe that by analyzing any problem there are multiple paths to an equitable solution. Be it an issue in the strategy, with people, codified in process, or hidden in technology there is a constructive, often simple, solution that improves how you turn your vision into value.

The right thing, or the right solution, is not a contrived or forced solution. It conforms to the needs of all parties and does not unduly burden anyone. The result is executable and agreeable and leaves all parties knowing what they are accountable for.

How We Apply Our Philosophy

Companies make goals to improve their products, services, and profitability. When they fail to make those goals, not only are customers, executives, and shareholders are unhappy, so are employees and vendors. Everyone has an innate pride in what they do and a desire to succeed. We help turn these situations around—preferably before they manifest into problems.

Aligning Projects with Strategic Goals

Key to achieving your company’s goals is the ability to translate them into strategy, strategy into initiatives, and initiatives and successful projects that make the goals a reality. eCameron helps you create an organization that is strategically focused by helping you develop a culture and process infrastructure that keeps initiatives, projects, employees, and vendors aligned with the your goals. In other words, we create initiative ready companies—companies with a culture centered on implementing your goals.

How We Achieve This

We focus on initiative delivery—making sure they match the strategy, have the right people, then process, and then technology. We work with companies that have failing projects or a desire to improve project performance and help them design and implement plans to make projects and initiatives run better. We employ only top-notch and seasoned executives from major corporations and public sector organizations whose goals matches our philosophy—doing the right thing. They are not climbing the corporate ladder, trying to prove themselves, or be famous, they simply want the right solution.

We Implement Solutions

Unlike consultants who borrow your watch to tell you the time, we propose solutions and prove their worthiness by helping you implement them. We refuse to take the all-too-common approach of "here is a great plan, have fun implementing it." We stand behind our recommendations. By helping you implement them, we demonstrate their value and deliver success—your success.

We provide a variety of services to help nearly any company turn their Vision into Value:

  • List Price: Short-term, low-cost, high-value fee-for-service items that eliminate risk in your relationship with us and reduce risk in your projects.
  • Fixed Price: Consulting or implementation engagements that assess and assure that you have the right alignment, people, process, and technology.
  • Long-term T&M: For the mature organization requiring highly skilled, executive assistance with the panache to work to with everyone from the boardroom to the assembly line.

We can build the right solution for any problem you have in implementing your strategy.

For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Todd Williams or call us at 1.360.834.7361

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