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Picture of Sheila CloseSheila brings extensive global experience in executive leadership and technology roles in multiple industries and geographies. In each of these roles she has demonstrated her vision, passion, compassion and commitment to delivering business results.

Sheila's areas of expertise include business/IT strategy, IT Governance, program management, business process improvement and talent development, as well as all areas of technology from architecture and applications to infrastructure and telecommunications. She is noted for her effective leadership and customer focus: partnering with business customers to envision and implement value-add solutions and services. Her people skills include developing and coaching high-performance teams that partner with business resources to deliver new capabilities and successful business results.

Sheila gained a Master of Arts Degree in Mathematics and Spanish in her native Scotland before embarking on her IT career in UK companies in steelmaking, consumer products and electronics/defense industries. Her IT leadership role in Polaroid brought her across the pond to the USA where she held VP, GVP and SVP of IT roles in major companies in consumer goods, retail and education/childcare in Boston, Boise, Minneapolis and Portland OR. Her extensive business/IT experience is now being leveraged to provide clients with consulting services that deliver tangible business results.

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Picture of Don E. Payne Joining eCameron in 2010, Don is a senior IT leader who provides strategic leadership, practical application, and successful implementation of information services and technology for all sizes of companies. He has worked in a broad range of industries that serve everything from local markets to global organizations.

Having held the positions as Vice President and Director for multiple corporations in all of the major IT disciplines, he understands the value of applying technology sensibly with measurable results in every aspect of corporate life—strategic planning, execution strategies, cross-functional collaboration, process development, operations, and organizational transformations. The industries he serves include banking, financial services, high-tech manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing. Don has been a leader and contributing member of multiple regional, national, and international projects. Familiar with the subtlety of cultural differences, Don has successfully implemented large global B2B systems, global ERP infrastructure systems, country conversions to global ERP systems, and multiple M&A (merger and acquisitions) projects encompassing people, culture, process and technology.

For over eight years, Don has been involved with the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG), serving on the Board of Directors as well as being a Past President.

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Picture of Savannah L. RogersSavannah is eCameron’s office manager (aka “the boss”, SWMBO, etc.). If Savannah knows about it, it will get done. Interacting with eCameron, at almost any level, means developing a close working relationship with her. She handles all AP, AR, HR, and scheduling questions, and, many of you may meet her as she helps with presentations, taking notes in meetings, and booking travel. She keeps us efficient and effective. In her spare time, you may also see her at the Clark College or WSU-Vancouver campuses (as she is working on her business degree) or running around the public school system helping her son.

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Tammi L. Williams Tammi, Vice President and co-founder of eCameron, Inc. is responsible for sales and marketing, administration and functions as the corporate treasurer. She also handles all the fun social events and ensures that there is good wine, beer, and food at the weekly staff meetings.

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Picture of Todd C. WilliamsA strong comprehensive strategic foundation coupled with operational excellence allows companies to build the capabilities to thrive. Todd Williams’ goal is to improve how companies implement their strategic plans—from definition to ensuring the proper people are in place. His passion is removing corporate roadblocks and bridging the gaps from vision to profitability. Experience in business and technology uniquely qualify him to help define and implement the best operational structures based on the company’s goals. Utilizing twenty-five years of experience he helps companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations achieve their goals. Qualifications in executive consulting, project rescue, failure prevention, and engaging people in the solution, allow him to help you bring strategy to life.

Meet Todd...

By understanding the reasons for failure, organizations can become resistant to it. His team at eCameron, whose mantra is “Strategy, People, Process, and then Technology,” specializes in rescuing projects and helping organizations drive business value from their strategy.

As an expert witness, Mr Williams has used his skills to assist companies that have fallen prey to unqualified third party integrators that were not focused on the correct methodology or delivering an end result that provided a useable solution.

In his book, Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure (AMACOM), he defines a project audit and recovery process for rescuing red projects that focuses on root cause correction and prevention. He is also a writer for The CEO Magazine, American Management Association, his own Back From Red blog, and contributes to numerous other publications, including Fortune/CNN Money, CIO Update, ZDNet, Enterprising CIO, and IT Business Edge.

He is a professional member of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Project Management Institute, and the Society for Information Management (SIM). He has been chosen to speak to numerous companies and professional organizations, including NASA, BEA Systems, Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt, Portland General Electric, and Bonneville Power Administration.

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