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ITFMA Scottsdale: People Or Process - Which Has A Greater Effect On Project Success

Date: Monday, August 20, 2012 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Duration: 4 Hours
IT Financial Management Association: 25th Anniversary Celebration
The IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA) was established in 1988.  ITFMA is the only association dedicated to this profession and provides a comprehensive education program on the principles and practices used to financially manage Information Technology (IT) organizations. ITFMA is the national leader in the education of IT financial management professionals and the only recognized provider of certification in the various financial disciplines of IT financial management.

For more information about ITFMA or to Register for the Conference click here ( or view the PDF (Documents/NonsecureDocs/2012-08-20-ITFMA_ScottsdaleBrochure.pdf) Brochure of the event.
People or Process, Which Has A Greater Effect On Project Success
Daily, we are involved in two acts—developing and following process and generating estimates. We cannot escape them; they are part of the human experience. Processes are required to maintain consistency, accuracy, and abide by regulations. Estimates are required in every task we do.  Add people—people with personality, prejudice, and protest—and estimating becomes quite demanding.
To deal with the reality of business, you need a toolbox of techniques that addresses the needs of the people who supply and consume information and the competing interests of stakeholders.
This seminar starts by looking at the lynch pin of business—process—why it is important, when it works, and how its overuse generates failure and culminates with a lesson on incentivizing people. It covers people and process using estimation processes to provide insight to some of the quirks inherent in people, exposing the traits in yourself, and how to handle them.
The key learning objectives that will most benefit the participants.

Why people rely on process so heavily.
The three types of process.
How we over rely and over apply process.
The effect of our social environment on how we estimate.
How to improve estimates
Changing the perception of estimates.
How to balance the application of process and still motivate people.

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