PMTV Episode 3: Troubled projects

Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 3:00 am - 4:00 am
Duration: 1 Hour
This is a web based event.  Sept 18th Noon BST (GMT +01:00) 3 am PDT
Episode 3: Troubled projects
In this episode we explore the issue of ‘Projects in trouble’.  Anyone who’s worked in a project environment can tell you that no matter how meticulous you are with your Gantt charts, risk logs and budget projections, things sometimes do not go to plan.  On Tuesday 18th September, 12 noon GMT+1, we’ll be joined live on air by three prominent project managers who will share their advice on spotting the early warning signs of trouble ahead, and how to respond when the brown stuff hits the fan.  We hope you can join us!
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