SIM San Diego: Vision To Value -The CIO's Four Guiding Principles With Roundtable Discussion

Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Duration: 3 Hours

SIM San Diego

Todd C. Williams will give a one hour presentation with a follow up 30 minute facilitated roundtable discussion where the concepts of the presentation will be discussed.

Vision To Profit - The CIO’s Four Guiding Principles

Leaders define vision. A business turns vision into value. CIOs build the capabilities that transform businesses. Ergo, CIOs are enablers for turning vision into value.
To achieve this, CIOs, like you, must build value-driven organizations that are seasoned yet adaptive, structured yet agile, pragmatic yet innovative. It is not a simple feat.
To understand the need to stick to the four core principles (reading and adhering to corporate strategy, project alignment, initiative prioritization, and disseminating the plan to your organization), this keynote will show that:

An IT strategy that meets corporate goals must drive all of your work.

Work cannot start until the people to complement the strategy are in place.

Processes need to fit the individual projects (not too lean, not to heavy, and sized for each project).

To achieve success, certain key areas of your organization and your projects are more important to monitor.

The four tenents help you focus on building and leading powerful organizations that provide value, accelerate business growth, and make your IT group a strategic component of your company.