Executive Sponsorship Research

eCameron is conducting interviews on Executive and Project Sponsorship. The interviews are based on a request from a prospective client on training courses for executive sponsors. (This request is now closed and the white paper, Challenges in Executive Sponsorship, is published.)

Interview questions will include:

  • What are the responsibilities of a sponsor?
  • What is the sponsor accountable for?
  • What is the most common issue with a sponsor?
  • How critical is the sponsor to the project's success?
  • Other questions as deemed appropriate.

All interviews are strictly held to 30 minutes.

Anyone participating in the survey will receive a complementary copy of the white paper, Challenges in Executive Sponsorship, and any future revisions to it. They will also be invited to any executive briefings that are help in their area or online.

If you would like to help us out, please fill out the form to the right. As with all of our research no data will be published that refers to you or your past or present employers without your written permission. In most cases your name and company name will never be published, as we roll our data up to the areas of domain, sector, persons position, and size of company.