The Foundation—Before eCameron

People say it is tenacity that makes me good at recovering projects, some say my attention to detail, and others just think I have a penchant for headaches, heartburn, and working long hours. I am not sure if there is one reason. As for myself, I know I like figuring out how things work and fixing them—be it clocks or cars, printers or projects. After working on a variety of projects that were in a shambles, projects needing someone to put them back together, I have developed a process for fixing projects that also shows how their problems can be prevented in the first place—allowing you to get the highest value out of you vision—solutions that do not look at who might win or who to blame. They focused on doing the right thing.


Execute Initiatives Successfully—All The Time, Everytime

Whether you run them or we do for you


Ensure that every project delivers value to your company by:

Improve the organizational structure to repeatedly execute initiatives successfully.
Succinctly defining project scope to align projects with the organization’s strategic goals within the organization’s capabilities.
Focusing project teams and organizations on the required deliverable functionality.
Removing excess process to improve organization efficiency.
Providing objective data to enable rapid and effective decision-making