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PMChat Interview: Project Recovery Pre-Game Show

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PMChat LogoPMChat hosts Rob Prinzo and Robert Kelly ask Todd Williams the following questions on Project Recovery:

  • While some projects do have unforeseen issues, most projects have indicators that they are headed down the wrong path. Can you share some insight into what a PM should be watching for to spot trouble and head it off?
  • Let's say our readers haven't read either Rob Prinzo's book or yours Todd and they find themselves leading a project gone astray. What are the key actions a PM must do to stop the bleeding and get this thing back on track?
  • In your guest blog, you speak about a learning culture, with regards to project success. Can you explain that and provide some guidance to our listeners that may be individual contributors...what can they do if they don't have PMO or Enterprise influence?

Sound interesting? Of course it does! Check out the answers in this fast 15-minute interview.