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Why Your CRM Implementation Will Fail was originally posted on The CEO Magazine on May 20, 2014. Almost immediately, the post rocketed around the world and was translated into Mandarin by Fred Wu, CTO of Abraham Technology, Inc. at A PDF of the article in English and Mandarin may be found here.

ZDnet's Anniversary LogoMichael Krigsman's article, "Six Lessons for Intelligent Project Management," (ZDNet's IT Project Failure Blog) focuses on the value of Critical Chain Project Management. He asked Todd about some of his experiences using CCPM in project recovery.

"Many organizations mistakenly think project managers are solely responsible for implementation success or failure. On the surface, such myopic and shortsighted views may appear true — if many tasks are late and over-budget, then of course the overall project will also follow suit.

However, looking more closely it becomes clear..." Read the entire article...

Vicki James LogoVicki James and Todd Williams met at the PMI Global Congress and subsequently met for lunch in Tumwater, Washington in the shadow of the old Olympia Brewing Company.

"Samad introduced me to another of his connections, Todd Williams. As it turns out, Todd is another relatively local area consultant, principal of eCameron, Inc., specializing in project audit and recovery services. Having just taken over managing a project in trouble, I was very interested in his expertise.  He discussed..." Read the entire article...

ZDnet's Anniversary LogoTodd provided a guest article on ZDNet's IT Project Failure Blog hosted by Michael Krigsman.

"I [Michael Krigsman] talk with many enterprise buyers, system integrators, CIOs, and software vendors about why IT projects are so notoriously difficult to get right. In the end, two observations astound me:

These problems are part of the business environment in which organizations deliver IT projects — they lie outside the project itself. For this reason, successful IT delivery requires a deep connection to the broader business. To be effective, this connection should take the form of collaboration between lines of business and IT. Success in IT requires cultivating greater cooperation between the technology delivery parts of an organization and the business units that consume technology to improve operations.

Author and consultant, Todd C. Williams, is a top authority..." Read the entire article...

Arras People LogoFlag of the United KingdomFrom the United Kingdom:

Dan Strayer, from the firm Arras People, asked that Todd Williams to provide his view of where project management is going to 2011. He answered the question of where project management must go in the next five years.

"As the year draws to a close, it is time to reflect on our past and contemplate the future. We think about our families, our friends, our successes and failures; we think about our jobs, our professions, and the world of possibilities. It is a time to reaffirm our ship’s direction, stay the course, make corrections, or find a new destination..." Read the entire article...

PMI Portland Newsletter

The Guidance Team, PMI Portland Newsletter, September 2009

Before a project becomes a project, significant work has already been performed. The project has already met a series of qualifying measures by the customer to justify its value over other initiatives that were proposed. These are business decisions to continue with the initiative. This is the real inception of the project. The projects that survive this vetting process are based on the resolve, passion and determination of people in a business unit.

Assigning a Guidance Team to work in the business process for selecting projects greatly reduces the communication issues as the project gets transferred into the hands of the supplier. The article on Page 11 of this newsletter, written by Todd Williams, describes how this team works.

Using Twitter as a Business Tool

Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque at interview Todd Williams on using Twitter in business.  Todd discusses his use of twitter (@BackFromRed) to promote the Back From Red blog and his volunteering at the Southwest Washington Blood Program (@SWBlood).

Toyota: A Saga of Success

Abstract: This book, edited by N Kelai Selvan, is a compilation of articles from sixteen different authors. Todd Williams supplied Chapter Four, which is a reprint of The Toyota Way synopsis

The Accidental Professional, Vancouver Business Journal, September 1, 2006, Vol. 13, Issue 18

Abstract: This article is an interview with Todd Williams by reporter Neil Zawicki conducted at the Starbucks at Commerce Center in Vancouver, WA.

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