ZDnet's Anniversary LogoTodd provided a guest article on ZDNet's IT Project Failure Blog hosted by Michael Krigsman.

"I [Michael Krigsman] talk with many enterprise buyers, system integrators, CIOs, and software vendors about why IT projects are so notoriously difficult to get right. In the end, two observations astound me:

These problems are part of the business environment in which organizations deliver IT projects — they lie outside the project itself. For this reason, successful IT delivery requires a deep connection to the broader business. To be effective, this connection should take the form of collaboration between lines of business and IT. Success in IT requires cultivating greater cooperation between the technology delivery parts of an organization and the business units that consume technology to improve operations.

Author and consultant, Todd C. Williams, is a top authority..." Read the entire article...

Press Release ImageYearly a large health services provider in the Puget Sound area, with hospitals throughout the northwest, assembles over 100 employees from their various Northwest offices to hold an Operational Excellence conference.  At this year’s event, held outside Seattle, Todd Williams was requested to give a three-hour workshop on the people, projects, and negotiation. Read the entire press release here.

Rescue the Problem Project is available from any major bookseller; however, Amazon has drawn the logobest collection of reviews. Currently totaling twenty-three (23) reviews on the main site and two in the UK these act as a testament to the acceptance and quality of the book. Check them out and add you own!

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From one review:

This is an excellent resource and reference for struggling projects (not just bona fide problem projects requiring rescue). Todd has captured, with tangible examples, case studies, and explanations the work required to identify and remove projects from the point failure. This is a must read for all levels of management who rely on project execution for their business' success.

Manager's success LogoFlag of United States of America From the United States:

Lyn Cikara's mention of Rescue the Problem Project in her August 29, 2011 issue of Manager's Minute Newsletter

"One of the hardest things for managers to recognize, sometimes, is when to seek outside assistance.
When you are working on a project and it does not seem to be going in the right direction, what do you do?" Read more...

How to Manage a Canel LogoFlag of the United KingdomFrom the United Kingdom:

How to Manage a Camel's book review of Rescue the Problem Project published August 19, 2011 written by Michael Hides.

"Anyone reading this book must first face the uncomfortable truth that most projects have issues, and in many cases this will lead to the 25% failed projects claimed by the author. Like any issue, recognising you have a problem is the first step to dealing with it.

This is a very honest book..."

Flag of the United KingdomFrom the United Kingdom: PM4Girls Logo

Elizabeth Harrin's book review of Rescue the Problem Project published August 17, 2011 on her site A Girl's Guide to Project Management.

"By the time I was half way through the introduction I liked Todd Williams. I liked his way of thinking, his faith in project management and in people, and his ability to tell stories. I was sold on the idea of a book telling me how to rescue a problem project, even though I wasn’t working on one. Let the lessons begin...."  Read more...

Press Release

eCameron has completes the initial work on implementing a state of the art over-the-phone (OPI) system for Northwest Interpreters.  Read the entire press release here.

Image of Andy KaufmanThis episode of Andy Kaufman's People and Projects Podcast addresses the question, "Do you know how there's often not a common understanding of terms and processes around your organization when it comes to managing projects?" This e-learning program gives everyone practical insights on how to plan and deliver projects.

Listen to the interview!

Press ReleaseTodd C. Williams, President of eCameron, Inc. has been chosen to talk on this subject at the 2011 Project Management Institute’s Global Congress—North America being held October 22-25, 2011 in Dallas, TX.  This year’s North American congress is a three-day professional development event hosted by Project Management Institute (PMI). It provides an opportunity for professionals across all industries to exchange ideas on today’s project challenges and emerging trends. Read the entire press release here.

PM Boulevard's logoFlag of United States of America From the United States:

PM Boulevard's book review of Rescue the Problem Project published June 13, 2011.

"Talk doesn’t cook rice.

—Chinese Proverb

If the result of the negotiation is to continue the project, it needs to be reset to the definition phase. It now has a scope of work, tentative timeline, potential resource list, initial risk register, and project assumptions; it is ready to roll. It has the traits of a new project, and everyone should treat it as such."  Read more... (Requires free login)

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