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Identifying and Managing Project Risk, by Tom Kendrick

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Identifying and Managing Project Risk

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Author Tom Kendrick
Publisher: American Management Association
Publication date 1st Ed. February 2003
2nd Ed. January 2009
3rd Ed. March 2015
Pages 400
ISBN 978-0814436080

As the title implies, this book discusses identifying and managing risks on projects. Although the book is written in a very generic manner, it has a decidedly high-tech flavor. This partly due to the fact that the author worked at Hewlett-Packard for twelve years.

Kendrick's coverage of risk, or more correctly uncertainty, is complete in a general sense focusing a majority of his discussion on risk in projects due to poor planning and change management processes. Two chapters of the book deal with quantifying risk, but the math is kept simple as he recommends using commercial products to the brunt of the work.

His client's have provided him a collection of risk elements from various projects. He uses this data, Project Experience Risk Information Library (PERIL) database, to quantify and rank classes of risk. In the early part of his book he uses this significantly and the Appendix lists approximately 120 of the elements description.

The book is geared to be used by the junior and mid-level Project Manager and Kendrick aligns the chapters of the book to the PMBOK stages of a project — initiation, planning, controlling, executing and closure. He describes the book as a supplemental source of information when studying for the PMP certification exam. Many chapters contain lists that can be used as checklists for identifying or items to mitigate risk. Each chapter discusses a set of concepts and concludes with a bulleted "Key Ideas" section and an anecdote from the two attempts to construct the Panama Canal.

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