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Lean Project Management: Eight Principles for Success, by Lawrence P. Leach

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Lean Project Management: Eight Principles For Success

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Author:Lawrence P. Leach
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Released: Luly 2006
Type: Softcover
Pages: 234

This book is currently under review, more details will be added when available

The publisher says:
A new eBook by the author of the best selling Critical Chain Project Management, Lean Project Management takes you through the key steps to project success. Written for project managers taking on more challenging projects, or wanting to complete projects faster and with less team stress, Lean Project Management helps you identify and deploy the keys to project success. I consider some of these secrets as hiding in plain sight, because the project literature discusses some of them in one form or another. The first problem is that they are hidden in thousand page books with many things that aren't going to help your project. The second problem is that most project managers don't do them, leading to the high rate of project failure and dissatisfaction. Lean Project Management (LPM) is a simple path to overcome both problems.

Focus on what matters most for your unique projects and project environment. LPM builds on the understanding that no other project has been or will be exactly the same as the one you are running now or preparing to run.

Learn the secrets that project experts have used to successfully deliver projects that satisfy everyone's needs, and sometimes end up as the fondest memories that people have. Also learn how the improved method of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) can add that supercharger to your projects. Many project managers that have switched to CCPM report successfully completing projects in half the time, or less, with much less stress for the project team.

This book does not spend time with the theory behind the secrets, but rather focuses on giving you what you need to use them.

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