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Strategies for Project Sponsorship

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Strategies for Project Sponsorship

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Author:Vicki James,
Ron Rosenhead,
Peter Taylor
Publisher: Management Concepts Press
Released: May 22, 2013
Type: Softcover
Pages: 204

The project sponsor is critical to project success, yet it is a role that is often assigned to a member of the organization with little knowledge or training in project management practices. This creates challenges not only for the sponsor but for the project manager. The organization suffers too if key members of the project team are not fully utilized, as valuable resources are wasted. In Strategies for Project Sponsorship, the authors address this challenge from all three vantage points that of the project manager, the project sponsor, and the organization. Based on their practical experience and solid research, they offer practical methods that project manager s can use to optimize the participation of the sponsor. They also offer clear and straightforward guidance for project sponsors on how to properly execute their duties and contribute to project success. Executives will gain valuable perspective on the organization s projects and key players. From defining the roles and responsibilities of the project sponsor to suggesting specific practices that maximize the working relationship between the sponsor and project manager, this book is the ultimate guide. Examples from real-world sponsor experiences, as well as tips, techniques, and tools, enhance its applicability and practicality. This book should be given to every newly assigned project sponsor, read and referred to by every project manager, and on the desk of every organizational executive as a reference.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Project Sponsorship
  • Part I: For the Project Manager :
    • Preparing to Work With Your Sponsor
    • Working With A Sponsor
    • Working With Challenging Sponsor
    • Managing Your Project's Stakeholders
  • Part II: For the Sponsor:
    • Sponsoring Your First Project
    • Sponsor Responsibilities and Best Practices
  • Part III: For the Organization
    • Developing The Sponsor

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