Todd Williams

Todd Williams

PMChat LogoPMChat hosts Rob Prinzo and Robert Kelly ask Todd Williams the following questions on Project Recovery:

  • While some projects do have unforeseen issues, most projects have indicators that they are headed down the wrong path. Can you share some insight into what a PM should be watching for to spot trouble and head it off?
  • Let's say our readers haven't read either Rob Prinzo's book or yours Todd and they find themselves leading a project gone astray. What are the key actions a PM must do to stop the bleeding and get this thing back on track?
  • In your guest blog, you speak about a learning culture, with regards to project success. Can you explain that and provide some guidance to our listeners that may be individual contributors...what can they do if they don't have PMO or Enterprise influence?

Sound interesting? Of course it does! Check out the answers in this fast 15-minute interview.

Rescue the Problem Project is available from any major bookseller; however, Amazon has drawn the logobest collection of reviews. Currently totaling twenty-three (23) reviews on the main site and two in the UK these act as a testament to the acceptance and quality of the book. Check them out and add you own!

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From one review:

This is an excellent resource and reference for struggling projects (not just bona fide problem projects requiring rescue). Todd has captured, with tangible examples, case studies, and explanations the work required to identify and remove projects from the point failure. This is a must read for all levels of management who rely on project execution for their business' success.

Press Release ImageNASA logoTodd C. Williams has been accepted to present on People and Process at the February, 2012 NASA Project Management Challenge 2012. It is an extreme honor to be a contributor at NASA’s annual seminar designed to examine current program/project management trends, as well as provide a forum for knowledge sharing and exchange lessons learned. By attracting stakeholders from all experience levels of our workforce, NASA establishes an important link between NASA's world-class experts and our emerging leaders for tomorrow.  Read the entire press release here.

Vicki James LogoVicki James and Todd Williams met at the PMI Global Congress and subsequently met for lunch in Tumwater, Washington in the shadow of the old Olympia Brewing Company.

"Samad introduced me to another of his connections, Todd Williams. As it turns out, Todd is another relatively local area consultant, principal of eCameron, Inc., specializing in project audit and recovery services. Having just taken over managing a project in trouble, I was very interested in his expertise.  He discussed..." Read the entire article...

ZDnet's Anniversary LogoMichael Krigsman's article, "Six Lessons for Intelligent Project Management," (ZDNet's IT Project Failure Blog) focuses on the value of Critical Chain Project Management. He asked Todd about some of his experiences using CCPM in project recovery.

"Many organizations mistakenly think project managers are solely responsible for implementation success or failure. On the surface, such myopic and shortsighted views may appear true — if many tasks are late and over-budget, then of course the overall project will also follow suit.

However, looking more closely it becomes clear..." Read the entire article...

Arras People LogoFlag of the United KingdomFrom the United Kingdom:

Dan Strayer, from the firm Arras People, asked that Todd Williams to provide his view of where project management is going to 2011. He answered the question of where project management must go in the next five years.

"As the year draws to a close, it is time to reflect on our past and contemplate the future. We think about our families, our friends, our successes and failures; we think about our jobs, our professions, and the world of possibilities. It is a time to reaffirm our ship’s direction, stay the course, make corrections, or find a new destination..." Read the entire article...

ZDnet's Anniversary LogoTodd provided a guest article on ZDNet's IT Project Failure Blog hosted by Michael Krigsman.

"I [Michael Krigsman] talk with many enterprise buyers, system integrators, CIOs, and software vendors about why IT projects are so notoriously difficult to get right. In the end, two observations astound me:

These problems are part of the business environment in which organizations deliver IT projects — they lie outside the project itself. For this reason, successful IT delivery requires a deep connection to the broader business. To be effective, this connection should take the form of collaboration between lines of business and IT. Success in IT requires cultivating greater cooperation between the technology delivery parts of an organization and the business units that consume technology to improve operations.

Author and consultant, Todd C. Williams, is a top authority..." Read the entire article...

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PM World Today: Book Review

PM World Today LogoFlag of United States of America From the United States:

PM World Today's book review of Rescue the Problem Project published June, 2011 by Donald R. Tedlock, Jr.

"As a veteran project manager, I have seen my fair share of problem projects. The issues that can occur with budgets, communications, scheduling, resources, politics, etc. can be disastrous to project success. It is rare to find a project that does not have some issue along the way. This book provides a practical approach for guiding project managers that find themselves with a problem project..." Read more...

Project Manger Australia LogoFlags of AustraliaFrom Australia:

Jim Mavronicholas' book review of Rescue the Problem Project published November 15, 2011 on the site

"Whether you are a seasoned project manager or at the beginning of your career, this book is for you if your project is in the ‘red’.

With 25 years of project recovery experience, Todd C Williams has successfully broken down the project rescue process into four well defined stages that..." Read more...

Unlike Before's LogoFlag of ItalyFrom Italy:

Deanne Earle's book review of Rescue the Problem Project published November 24, 2011 on her blog Change Through Action

"After reading Todd Williams’ book Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure it couldn’t be clearer - to recover a failing project strong teams are required.

People are projects..."

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