“He did a fantastic job. In three and a half hours he not only familiarized our people with the psychology of change, but also walked them through how the proposed changes for next year will impact them and our clients.”
Christine Herb, VP Professional Services

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"We saw value starting the next day [...] Within a week, I was able to take a subset of our leadership through his prioritization process and we were able to drive significant clarity into our portfolio, even postponing projects that did not squarely align with our strategic goals."
Kristi Earhart, Acquisitions and HR Project Management
Holiday Retirement

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"Twelve months later we were still referring to many of the outcomes to continue to channel behavior in a positive manner. This 90-minute presentation changed how we do projects in a very positive way."
Steve Hufford, Enterprise Architect
Portland General Electric

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Friday, 30 November 2012 00:00

Visualizing Change, Enticing Acceptance of Change Workshop

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Visualizing Change, is a new highly interactive form of workshop/seminar. It addresses virtually any problem by modeling the current and desired future states. If desired, it can be used to apply a set of principles to test how they can affect the problem. Visualizing Change workshops target specific problems that face business today.

The general format of the workshop is:

  1. Prototype the current state.
  2. Learn about principles that might help.
  3. Prototype a future state.
  4. Document and validate solutions.
  5. Create actions to implement the solutions.

The Project Prototype is the most common version of this workshop. This generic form starts by having the attendees "act out" a project—people represent the project, goals, project manager, and so forth. This is done through a "project prototype" exercise which involves 10 and 15 people being actively involved with in the presentations. Ropes and large rubber bands are used to represent constraints, blindfolds for ignorance, name tags to identify roles. It is very visual. Instruction is given on how we might change the way we run projects and then the audience tests out those techniques through a second prototype. New ideas on the how to structure the project are written on flip charts as action items. At the end, the action items are reviewed to determine what group should responsible for implementing the change.

What you will cover:

  • Improving how projects are run by improving project leadership
  • Understanding why people have difficulty accepting change
  • Modeling change in a fun and physical manner to help adoption of change
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