“He did a fantastic job. In three and a half hours he not only familiarized our people with the psychology of change, but also walked them through how the proposed changes for next year will impact them and our clients.”
Christine Herb, VP Professional Services

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"We saw value starting the next day [...] Within a week, I was able to take a subset of our leadership through his prioritization process and we were able to drive significant clarity into our portfolio, even postponing projects that did not squarely align with our strategic goals."
Kristi Earhart, Acquisitions and HR Project Management
Holiday Retirement

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"Twelve months later we were still referring to many of the outcomes to continue to channel behavior in a positive manner. This 90-minute presentation changed how we do projects in a very positive way."
Steve Hufford, Enterprise Architect
Portland General Electric

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Project Execution Improvement Workshops

Todd Williams contributed Chapter 7, "Leaders Listen." You can buy it on Amazon.

More coming soon!

Risk is in everything we do in life, from going to the store to managing our projects. If we understand the risks associated with something we are doing, we can address the risks better and in many cases avoid them all together. Unfortunately, risk often scares us and as a result, we ignore it. This course identifies types of risks on projects and ways to lessen their effects. What you will cover:

Leaders define the vision. A business turns vision into value. It still takes a team of executives, managers, project managers, and individual contributors to drive the projects that build the capabilities to transform businesses. Ergo, projects are the enablers for turning vision into value.

The Vision to Value keynote is geared toward helping executives, finance leaders, technology leaders, and project managers understand what is required to enable the organization to share and stay focused on the company's goals, hence, reducing waste, increasing productivity, and decreasing waste.

Toyota: Saga of Success

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Author: N Kalai Selvan
Publisher: The ICFAI University Press
Released: October 2008
Type: Softcover
Pages: 266
ISBN: 9788131420232

Toyota: Saga of Success
by N Kalai Selvan

Toyota: A Saga of Success is a compilation of works from sixteen different authors worldwide. The book looks at a variety of different aspects for Toyota's Success. Todd Williams provided Chapter 4, which is a reprint of the article The Toyota Way.

From the Publisher:

Toyota Motor Corporation is the success story of 21st century automobile industry. After the Second World War, the company concentrated on the small passenger car production segment. Initially, Toyota was producing automobiles in Japan and exporting them to other countries. Today, Toyota has become world's largest automaker from a small Japanese automaker through its unique production system and innovation. The Toyota Corporation operates through three segments such as automotive, financial and other supporting services. Toyota has been recognized as the leader in automotive operational excellence and has introduced Toyota production system philosophy which has provided quality and efficiency. Toyota is known for small cars and fuel efficient vehicles. Toyota has been producing automobiles for all the segments from small cars to big trucks. Toyota also laid more emphasis on building hybrid cars as it believed that the future of car business would be hybrid and more environment-friendly. In 2002, Toyota adapted "Global vision 2010"with maximum emphasis on the environment, recycling of materials and new information technology. While its competitors have shut down their plants, Toyota has managed to open new plants every year. Toyota entered the huge US auto market with its small car in 1957 and sold 287 cars in the first year. Today, Toyota has surpassed the big three US auto makers - GMs, Ford and Chrysler. According to experts, Toyota's success in the global market was primarily because of its state-of-the-art and well-planned operational strategies.

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People fail to realize how many actions in personal and profession lives require negotiation. Whether managing contracts, running a project, or working on a raise, negotiation is a daily task. Implementing a process around negotiation and understanding the techniques for convincing your “buyer” of the need are critical in maximizing your chances for success. The planning that a process provides ensures collecting the correct information for preparing and proposing the new idea.

Executives build PMOs to ensure people follow a process. Companies require project management certification. Project managers have religious battles over agile and waterfall. Mistakes occur and managers implement more processes to prevent their reoccurrence.  Yet there is another philosophy that says this is the wrong direction completely. This ideology feels that people need more independence and less bureaucracy. The people who follow this think that people need more leadership training. People or Process, as the name implies, looks directly at these arguments and the role of people versus process in a project's or an organization’s success or failure. 

Rescue the Problem Project front cover

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Hear what people are saying about the

Rescue the Problem Project Internationally Acclaimed Bestseller

Rescue the Problem Project by Todd C. Williams. A must-read book for your business, school, or in private life.

Deutschland Flag

From Germany:

"Todd Williams' book 'Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure' is a welcome and much-needed aid to help rescue and re-align struggling and failing projects. It is a very valuable resource for anyone working in project management. Regardless of whether or not the own project is on its way to glory or doom...."

Italiano Flag

From Italy:

"After reading Todd Williams book it couldn't be clearer - to recover a failing project strong teams are required. People are projects and Williams shows this time and again as he provides real-life examples of problems and how-to resolve them..."

Sunday, 30 May 2010 00:00

Outsourcing for Project Managers Workshop

Written by

Almost every project has some form of outsourcing. It may be bringing in a contract laborer, a programming team, or someone to build the entire product. The reasons are varied and include staff augmentation, acquiring a specific talent, risk mitigation and more! Regardless of the situation, project managers need to understand the outsourcing process from all angles to ensure each party gets value from the partnership. Creating the correct business agreement is crucial to attaining the best results for your project.

The ability to quickly deliver initiatives that make breakthroughs in the business is the differentiator of truly successful organizations. It takes a blame-free culture, highly accountable, talented, and innovative people, and money. Nothing is free. However, even with this powerful combination, project success rates are dismal. Failure rate estimates range from 40-75% of projects are over budget, late, or fail to deliver the required functionality. There are many actions leaders can take to minimize this, but at times it is just part of being in a world where customers want constant innovation.

Whether you are a project or a functional manager, estimates are a daily part of your life. Team members need to make estimates for a variety of reasons, these include:

  • The amount of time for a task.
  • The cost for resources.
  • The cost of software, hardware and other materials.
  • The time required to finish a task.
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Filling Execution Gaps

Available Worldwide

Filling Exectution Gaps cover

Filling Execution Gaps is available worldwide. Below are some options.


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