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Saturday, 05 February 2011 00:00

Understanding, Identifying, and Managing Project Risk Workshop

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Risk is in everything we do in life, from going to the store to managing our projects. If we understand the risks associated with something we are doing, we can address the risks better and in many cases avoid them all together. Unfortunately, risk often scares us and as a result, we ignore it. This course identifies types of risks on projects and ways to lessen their effects. What you will cover:


  • Understanding the basics about issues, risks, and probabilities.
  • Knowing the difference between quantifiable and non-quantifiable risk.
  • Calculating the impact on schedule and budget.
  • Risk registers. # How to know when too many risks are firing.
  • Determining how to reduce risk’s effects.
  • The politics of risk—getting management to understand.

This class uses the Project Risk Board Game developed by Kay Wais.

Text: Identifying and Managing Project Risk, by Tom Kendrick

Notes: This course is highly participatory and interactive, using exercises to reinforce the concepts, looks at actual examples from projects, and is targeted for all levels of project managers.

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