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Saturday, 05 February 2011 00:00

Improving Project Inception Workshop

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Most projects’ problems exist long before there is approval for the project to begin. Unrealistic expectations, misaligned goals, improper supplier involvement, and poor definition are a few reasons that projects go awry. Therefore, looking at different methods to start projects—getting engaged with the customer long before the project starts—is critical.

This class introduces the concepts for integrating the supplier with the customer. It covers various degrees of achieving this, and focuses on the customer interaction. This method is effective in controlling expectations and making sure the project does not wander.

What you will cover:

  • Guidance teams and how a small team can improve project initiation.
  • Integration of project teams with the customer.
  • Measuring and maintaining stakeholder alignment.
  • Setting and maintaining customer expectations.
  • Ensuring the right team is involved to meet expectations.
  • Methods to ensure a smooth transition as changes occur.
  • Areas that cause projects problems.

This class uses the Project Risk Board Game developed by Kay Wais.

Text: Rescue the Problem Project, by Todd C. Williams


This is an advanced project management topic dealing with organizational change management (OCM) concepts and is applicable to project managers, program managers, PMO staff, and managers in any organization the needs to improve project performance.

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