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Wednesday, 19 August 2015 15:06

Organization Change Management for Project Teams Workshop

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Projects are never a success when they are delivered—their product must be adopted to declare success. Whether you are delivering a process for HR, creating new model of cell phone for your customers, or implementing a new ERP system for your company, if they do not see value in the output of your project, it is a failure. Most project teams, however, are focused on maintaining scope, schedule, and budget, they are far removed from the end-user, and they have little concept on how to persuade someone to use what they are developing. The fact of the matter is, though, that if they are the first people involved in the making a tangible product that their customers can use, adapt, and enhance to create value.

Organization Change Management for Project Teams helps your project manager, their teams, and their stakeholders:

  1. Deliver truly successful projects.
  2. Understand what Organization Change Management (OCM) means to your organization.
  3. Learn how to build OCM into your projects and your culture.

Organizations the world over struggle to make changes stick. This class is designed to integrate the change in the project where the product of the project is first realized in a manner that end-users can see and feel the upcoming change and take ownership of it. This workshop helps PMO managers, executive sponsors, project managers, and their project teams understand why and how to make change last.


The more in-depth a project team’s knowledge and understanding of the OCM, the more likely the project will ultimately succeed.

The benefits of this workshop are to:

  1. Understand the current theories in change management and how they relate to projects
  2. Understand why change management is import to the organization and the project.
  3. Identify the key areas of integration for OCM and Project Management
  4. Define the Executive Sponsor’s role.
  5. Define differences between Organization Change Management and Change Control.
  6. Redefine the project process to accommodate OCM.

What You Get

Free books with registration

Materials for the full-day class include:

  1. The Heart of Change by John Kotter
  2. Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management by Thomas Luke Jarocki

A $60 value!

What It Covers

The learning objectives are:

  • Basic understanding of Balanced Scorecard.
  • Why change fails.
  • OCM Theory and evolution as it relates to initiatives and projects.
  • OCM Processes.
  • The differences between and Initiative and project lifecycle.
  • Handling project and organization change together.
  • Developing resistance mitigation strategies.
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Who Will Benefit

The entire organization benefits from this workshop. It is strongly recommended that a deep cross section of the organization attend. Critical attendees are PMO managers, executive sponsors, project and program managers, and project leads and key team members.

How It Works

This workshop is nominally an eight-hour workshop and includes tailoring to your specific initiatives. Interviews will be conducted ahead of the workshop to understand your organization's needs and incorporated into your workshop.

The workshop format can be adjusted to two- and four-hour versions by focusing on fewer areas of the strategy implementation process.

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