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Prior to signing any contract or statement of work (SOW) it should be reviewed by your legal team. While legal experts understand legalities that will helpful in court, they are not delivery experts who can determine whether a SOW will provide you with the product that you anticipate, need, and desire. This review will analyze the scope, methodology, deliverables, and proposed cost to identify for areas that point to weaknesses in the ability to deliver or misalignment in intentions that could result in project failure.

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SOW Review Benefits:

  • Demystify the SOW.
  • Get more value from your subcontractor.
  • Minimize risk and vulnerability.
  • Save money by avoiding risk.
  • Eliminate ambiguity.
  • Understand and resolve the gaps between the contract and SOW.
  • Identify what is missing that should be added.
  • Proactive, Preventative, Productive.

What it consists of:

Review of one SOW and related contractual documents to assess where the documents need to be improved. The result is an executable SOW. In addition to a general assessment, the SOW will be evaluated in six specific areas:

  • Accountability.
  • Scope Definition and Controls.
  • Schedule and Tracking.
  • Cost and Cost Controls.
  • Quality Processes.
  • Completeness.

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This will be accomplished through document reviews and up to four interviews with key personnel in your organization.

For a complete description and pricing, read the product description.

This offering is sold as a product without the need for complex service agreements and statements of work. Refer to our Service as a Product Terms and Conditions for more information.

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