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A project's destiny is set very early, often before the project even starts. A properly run project launch is the first opportunity when all of the key project stakeholders are gathered and can identify and correct issues. Critical to the kickoff's and project's success is having the right stakeholders reviewing and agreeing to the project approach, risks, and mitigations. Without this short alignment workshop the incident of project failure is much higher.

Project Launch Benefits Include:

  • Set up the project for the best chance of success.
  • Define the proper project approach through prototyping solutions.
  • Identify and vet major project risks.
  • Assess mitigation strategies.
  • Determine contingency requirements.
  • Attain consensus on roles and responsibilities.
  • Solidify accountability.
  • Define the communication plan.
  • Unparalleled team building.

What it consists of:

In a facilitated onsite meeting, we:

  • Conduct a project prototype to identify potential changes in the project execution.
  • Raise “taboo” topics in a politically neutral setting.
  • Run a risk identification session.
  • Identify mitigations and contingencies.
  • Use the Project Success' Project Risk board game to model risks and test and uncover other mitigations.
  • Define and test roles and responsibilities in a future state project prototype.

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